My name is Mie Juel. I’m 30 years old, Danish and based in Copenhagen. I work at ELLE Magazine Denmark and have been doing so for the past eight years, currently as Style Director.

For as long as I can remember fashion has been a passion of mine and I feel really blessed to be working with it every day. Through my job I get my daily fashion fix, but one thing retail therapy can’t fix is my obsession with food.

Yes, I’m a foodie! One of those annoying types who take pictures of meals, rearranging everything so it looks totally ‘natural’, before anyone is allowed to eat. #cameraeatsfirst

Food is in other words a hobby of mine and I find myself constantly seeking new adventures in coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores, where I also get inspiration to create my own recipes. 

FoodBeforeFashion features bites from my life, always revolving around my food experiences. I hope you will be inspired by my blog, whether you are going out or staying in.


Bon appétit.



Instagram: mie_juel