If you’re looking for a restaurant where it’s allowed to dance on the chairs and party like there’s no tomorrow, look no further –  I have the perfect place for you.

This Saturday my girlfriends surprised me with the best bachelorette party I could ever have imagined! The theme was Paris and everything you can imagine that goes with it; sailor stripes, berets, red lips, croissants, cheese etc. just check out the official bachelorette party hashtag #MJparisienne

After a day with pétanque, sailing and striptease (oh yes! very Moulin Rouge) – we ended up at Café Victor. And where better?

Café Victor is one of the most iconic cafés/restaurants in Copenhagen and has that French vibe going on with café tables outside almost all year, green bushes and of course French inspired food.

What defines Café Victor is that the atmosphere is always amazing and Saturday was no exception.

Our dinner and the party that automatically followed, was one of the highlights of my day, if not the highlight. Everything from the music and the waiters that practical encouraged us to dance on the chairs to my girls who partied hard and weren’t shy to p-a-r-t-y made my night the best EVER!

So, thank you Café Victor for allowing us to go crazy and thank you girls for arranging the best day! I’m forever grateful <3