Day 2 of my romantic weekend in Paris started very active when Nick Philip and I went for a sightseeing run through Paris. Read about day 1 here.

We ran from the 9th arrondissement down to the Seine and up again to Marias in the 3rd arrondissement, a total distance of 5,5 km, before ending up at Wild and the Moon. Here we got coffee and juice (I got the skinny boost LOL) while waiting for our breakfast bowls….

Wild and the Moon is a vegan café offering fresh juices and breakfast bowls like chia bowl and acai bowl to name a few. It has plants hanging from the ceiling, like a little urban garden. If I lived in Marais I would come here all the time…

Back at the hotel, after a quick douche, we took the metro to the 8th arrondissement where we window shopped at all the amazing shops at Avenue Montaigne, before having lunch at my favorite restaurant in Paris; L’Avenue. It’s super overpriced, but I simple love coming here. For one the food never goes out of style and two, I have so much fun looking at the people who come here – from A-celebs like Katie Perry I once sat next to, to all the over the top rich people and last, but not least, the stylish fashion insiders from the big buyers to top magazine editors.

We shared the spicy beef tenderloin (so glad I’m not a vegetarian when it comes to this dish), the eggplant with burrata and the spicy tuna with avocado. Mmm… yum yum!

The weather cleared, just as we were about to continue our Tour de Paris to St. Germain in the 6th arrondissement. Here we popped in at Ralph Laurens café Ralph’s for popcorn and coffee before heading home.

In the airport, I looked at how many kilometers we had walked (and run) the last two days and the result was almost 40km! No wonder we slept like babies all the way home on the plane…

Paris is always a good idea! 🙂