I’m all about personalized things… MJ passport holder, MJ basket etc. Recently I discovered that I could get my daily supplements personalized too.

The concept is called Zentabox and is the newest trend when it comes to personalized supplements.

With Zentabox you create your own personal health profile by taking an online test. It takes about 10 min. to complete. Here you’re asked all sorts of questions about your health, diet and exercise – it’s really quite fun and can be an eye opener too. See here.

Zentabox uses the info to tailor your optimal daily intake of vitamins and minerals, so don’t make yourself better (or worse) than you are 🙂

The best thing about discovering Zentabox is the everyday simplicity it gives me. From ordering it online, to getting it delivered right to my door, to the neutral box the pills come in that’s harmless on the kitchen table, giving me a fair chance of actually remembering to take my supplements. I bet I’m not the only one who has a cupboard full of half empty pill bottles that have been supplanted…

It’s also a gigantic help that the pills are divided up in a daily dose making them easy to grab and go…

But the detail I love most about my Zentabox is that it has my name on it! Making it just for m(i)e.

If you’re curious to learn more about Zentabox click here.