I’m home after a week in beautiful Israel…

The highlight of my trip was defiantly Tel Aviv. It’s a very vibrant city with a much more outgoing atmosphere than I had expected.

There were especially three places that stood out:

  1. Hotel Montefiore

A small luxury boutique hotel with only 12 rooms. Hotel Montefiore is an oasis of style – from the lobby and bar dressed in elegant dark wood furnishings to the sunny orangey facade with tropical green plants. I felt like checking in instantly, but settled for a lunch on the terrace balcony instead, which I can highly recommend. The place is also perfectly suited for cocktails.

  1. Puaa

The best meal I got in Tel Aviv was at Puaa – a small restaurant located in the middle of the Flea Market in Old Jaffa. The place has the most charming interior, full of ornaments and antiques. It’s very authentic and you can tell there’s a lot of nostalgia here. My favourite dishes were the ‘Goat lebane cheese with baked cherry tomatoes served with Iraqi pita’ and the ‘Moussaka’ with lots of eggplants.

  1. Delicatessen

Coffee, bread, wine, flowers – you name it, Delicatessen has it all! It’s a grocery store/restaurant and therefore reminds me of Joans on Third in West Hollywood or Daylesford in Notting Hill. I went here for coffee and cookies, but next time I’d really like to try their restaurant. The menu looked really delicious, like everything else in the shop.

I guess I’ll have to come back to Tel Aviv 🙂