15502890_10157917928455788_2073894547_o 15540119_10157917928460788_1460794372_o This past Sunday I hosted my annual Christmas lunch for the girls. The best tradition EVER!

Unlike the previous years I’d asked the girls to bring one dish each, so it was less stressful for me. To make it easy for everybody I prepared a menu for them to pick a dish from.

The menu:

  • Crispy duck breasts – roasted on a pan and sliced
  • Kale salad – with pears, orange, hazelnuts and a creamy dressing
  • Red cabbage salad – with orange, arugula salad, almonds and a vinaigrette
  • Christmas snacks – dates and nuts
  • Apple fritters – with powder sugar and marmalade
  • Mulled white wine aka. gløgg – a Danish Christmas tradition

It’s the first time I’ve hosted a ‘bring your own dish’ dinner, but defiantly not the last. Because even though I love cooking, I sometimes forget to acknowledge the fact that it takes a lot of time if you’re in charge of everything yourself. So this is my holiday tip; don’t be afraid to ask for help 🙂