15127455_10157790702210788_734174301_o15133830_10157790852245788_1482053737_oHave you ever wanted to host your own Michelin dinner? This is now possible and in only 15 min. No kidding!

Gotipster is Copenhagen’s new take away star and have some of Copenhagen’s best restaurants on their menu.

Last night I got to try beef tartar from restaurant Rebel and confit of veal with fried carrots, pickled fennel and red onion, served with warm mushroom vinaigrette and flakes of fresh hazelnuts from Michelin star restaurant Kokkeriet. – Don’t think my guests were expecting Michelin food when I invited them over for take-out 🙂

It was sooo good… and such a great experience!!!!

Obviously it’s not the cheapest take-out solution, but for people like myself who love to have friends over for dinner, but don’t necessarily have time to cook, Gotipster is a fantastic solution!

Psst… with your Gotipster meal you also get an oven glove, because they don’t want you to burn your hands – gourmet is all in the detail!