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It’s my last day in WeHo – I can’t believe it’s already time to pack and move on to destination no. 2; Palm Springs. We’d just gotten used to our spacious room at The Beverly Laurel Hotel.

I’ve stayed at The Beverly Laurel every time I’ve been in L.A. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s super charming and has that ‘All American’ vibe going on with the white and turquoise colors, the big sign on the building and the pool in the middle of the hotel with the outdoor staircases. So retro – I love it!

It’s also located in walking distance (something we Europeans appreciate) to some my favorite places – like Erewhon, Joan’s on Third and Swingers.

The last mentioned, Swingers, is a diner that is conveniently located just below the hotel. But unlike a lot of American diners Swingers has a wide range of organic and healthy choices – like the quinoa and poached eggs that I got for breakfast almost every morning with my black coffee with almond milk on the side. They also serve American diner classics like milkshakes, burgers and pancakes, but even they can be made healthier if you wish. For instant we got the banana whole grain pancakes  – damn good! The service is also excellent and the local atmosphere is really unique.

They’re aren’t a lot of places like Swingers and even though it doesn’t look like much from the outside, I guarantee you’ll like it – and if you’re traveling with your father, boyfriend or another male figure, then he’ll thank you for introducing him to this place, trust me! 🙂


Located on the corner of Beverly Blvd and Laurel Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048