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This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday with my best girlfriends including my mum – we’ve always been close.

The party was originally supposed to be held outside on the terrace, but you can’t trust the Danish weather these days, so instead I rearranged my boyfriend’s summerhouse so it ended up looking like an indoor greenhouse, matching the Garden Party theme from my invitation.

I wanted the table to be rustic and randomly looking, even though nothing with me is ever really random to be honest. The tablecloth was deliberately wrinkled and the napkins were ‘carelessly’ placed on the plates, as was the fork and knife. All the beautiful tableware I rented from A Table Story – it was actually their enchanting universe that inspired me to do a Garden Party in the first place. I was especially inspired by the gorgeous green glasses – my key ingredient on the table, along with the fresh herbs that I had used instead of flowers, with signs saying ‘eat me’.  As place card’s I used seed bag’s.

I was very blessed to have my friend Steph take care of all the food, so I could be more present with my guests. She’s an amazing chef and the owner of the Danish food blog A Food Affair. The Garden Party menu she created was exactly to my tasting and I couldn’t have done it better myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the dinner, I was too busy chatting, eating and drinking… and celebrating the now.

Throughout the night we only drank champagne. Yes, I’m a champagne kind of girl and you only turn 30 once, so why not go all in! I collaborated with Moët & Chandon and made a fantastic Aperol Spritz for the welcome drink with their Imérprial Brut and served it from an old fashioned glass dispenser and into matching glass jars. Such a hit with the girls! For dinner we continued with the Brut and for dessert we switched over to Impérial Nectar, that is sweeter and goes well with desserts.

And speaking of dessert my birthday cake was a raw tiramisu cake from 42Raw.  I got it last year as well, it’s sooo good! I blew all but one candle out. Phew…

Words can’t express how magical the evening was – it has defiantly beaten all of my other birthdays!

OOTD: Faithfull The Brand dress & Valentino sandals