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Ahh Sunday, sadly you’re already here and a fantastic week is coming to an end.

Looking back on the week, one of the highlights was defiantly Tuesday’s Yin Yoga treat at Temple Yoga in collaboration with Kildevæld.

I know a bit about Yin Yoga, since my mum is a yoga teacher and the author of ‘Yin Yoga’. She’s always preaching that I need to stop up and focus more on my Yin side in order to have the right balance between Yin and Yang – Yang being the outgoing part.

Yin Yoga by the sea was therefore really the perfect setting for the launch of Kildevæld’s three new sparkly flavors, which have precisely been created in order to remember to stop up and take some small pleasurable breaks during a hectic day. Something I think we could all be a little better at.

I’m a huge fan of sparkling water and I’m already addicted to the ginger and lemon flavor. The other two flavors are with mango & tea and a peach & clementine – all sweetened with fruit sugar instead of sweetener, containing very few calories. So drink up girls!

This Sunday morning I’m practicing my ‘Yin’ with a glass of Kildevæld’s mango & tea in my bathrobe and slippers. A quite moment to myself before I get dressed, and the Yang starts all over again.