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Ta-daaa! My kitchen make-over is finally done and I’m so happy with the result. It’s amazing what a few changes can do to the overall impression and I have Kolon to thank for that.

The Danish high quality kitchen company, have been great counselors. They advised me to keep the cabinets as they already were and ‘only’ change the cabinet doors, the tabletop and the sink – to lower the expenses.  This is possible because Kolon specialize in custom made joinery kitchens that are made to measure.

Kolon also came up with my favorite detail; the bottle green color. I would never have considered a green (or any color for that matter) if they hadn’t suggested it. I’m glad they did, because I think it goes really well with the rest of my kitchen interior. I also think the brass faucet and handles add a lovely contrast to old kitchen tiles, giving them a more modern twist. Another detail I love is the wooden edges on the cabinet doors and draws – the opposite colored edges is a signature trademark from Kolon.

Now there’s only one thing left to do – start cooking in my new green kitchen. Yi-haaa! I can’t wait. After all the kitchen is the heart of the home and I’ve really missed mine.