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I just booked a trip to California for the fall season – yihaaa… can’t wait! A trip like this doesn’t come cheap though, so I’ve started saving as of today!

There are so many ways to be more economic and which don’t necessarily require less pleasure. One is to make your own iced tea and the weather right now (at least here in Copenhagen) is perfect for it.

I found these old glass jars from my favorite L.A. supermarket Erewhon, tucked away in the back of the kitchen cupboard. I’m so glad I didn’t through them away, because there’re great for serving ice-tea.

It’s super simple to make iced tea. It’s really as simple as making a regular cup of tea. The only difference is you cool it in the fridge till it’s refreshingly cold. If you like you can add sugar. I prefer none or a little agave syrup. Ahh…! Summer just getting started.