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I love Asian food, especially when you mix it up and pick the best from each country – like sushi from Japan, Chinese peeking duck and Vietnamese spring rolls etc.

Lucky for me Copenhagen just got itself a new Asian restaurant that contains all of this. It’s called The Market and has just about as many things on the menu as you can find in an Asian market.

If you like Zuma or Nobu you’ll love it… I know I already do! And tonight will be my second time here in a week – which says it all…

It’s really the perfect spot if you’re looking for an all nighter, with serval cosy corners for drinks – before and after dinner… and an impressive menu card where there’s room to either go all in with a set menu or pick and choose from the delicious a la carte menu.

My favorite thing on the menu? The miso marinated black cod. Yum!


The Market – Asian Kitchen & Bar

Antonigade 2, 1106 Copenhagen