13214537_10156912237330788_2079448880_o 13223662_10156912237220788_575388593_o 13225246_10156912237000788_19904856_oIt’s no secret that I was in Istanbul earlier this week and I’ve already shared a lot of tips with you from my trip. BUT I’ve saved the best for last; the hotel hot spots – literally! Cause at these three hotels there’s a big chance of soaking up some sun, while you have a drink or bite to eat…

  1. SoHo House; recently opened in the U.S. embassy old HQ. The building in itself is incredible, even the toilets are totally fabulous (LOL) and on top of that, it has the most spectacular rooftop restaurant. The only minus is that you have to be a member to come here or be in the company of someone who is.
  2. The House Hotel; is located right by the Bosphorus – the waterway that runs through Istanbul, and has a cute terrace with a Mediterranean feel overlooking the water. I stayed here during my time in Istanbul and unfortunately only got to enjoy a quick breakfast.
  3. Georges; a little rustic boutique hotel located in an historical building with a rooftop terrace that overlooks the old city. It’s the perfect spot for snacks and pre-dinner drinks. I can recommend their gin a tonics.

If you have any tips on hotels with cool rooftop terraces – hit me! I’m going to Madrid in June, so I would especially be grateful if you could help me here.