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How often do you go out for pizza? I almost never do – for me pizza is mainly associated with hangover food (except when I’m in Italy). My perspective however changed last night when I tried the most talked about pizzas in Copenhagen.

Located on Vesterbro, Neighbourhood – Copenhagen’s new gourmet pizzeria, recently opened. It’s not your classic Italian pizza place. NBH serve low carb and organic pizzas. Their trick? They use less than half of the dough of a regular pizza. This makes the pizzas lighter and crispier. Yum! The toppings are also a lot greener than a traditional pizza with a wide range of vegetables from fresh to marinated and pickled.

I got the Chili Salami which is a gourmet version of a pepperoni pizza. It was SO good! I especially loved the roasted beetroot – I’ve never tried this on a pizza before.

Apart from pizzas NBH is also known for their cocktails and I can understand why. They are really tasty – this coming from a person who’s prefers a glass of Chablis. I tried the Carrot Sour and the Peas N’ Beas. Both cocktails were made with real vegetables, which made them look almost healthy and made me feel so much better (LOL).

I can really recommend this place if you like pizzas. But come on – who doesn’t?



Istedgade 27, 1650 Copenhagen V