13045655_10156821496640788_217360786_n 13023275_10156821500960788_1987237432_nTo all of you peanut butter lovers here’s an excellent excuse to eat more.

This weekend I visited my favorite food market in Copenhagen; Torvehallerne. At Groed, Danish for porridge, I got a healthy glutenfree and lactose free quinoa porridge based on rice milk with three optional toppings; bananas, blueberries and dark coco bites. As an extra add on I got a large spoon of peanut butter as well. I’ve never tried it on porridge before, but boy was it good! Like caramel it melted into the quinoa porridge and instantly made my breakfast taste like dessert. Yum…

It’s quite heavy and not the kind of breakfast I would eat on a week day, but for weekends it’s the perfect breakfast bowl. Can’t wait to try it again – maybe next time it will be my own homemade version, as I definitely plan on copying it.

Details of the day: Chanel Boy bag & Céline Preppy sunnies