12962456_10156766141215788_2100615499_o12952771_10156766767385788_2060237705_o 12948514_10156766154565788_1629768475_oSpring is in the air, which means that Summer is just around the corner aka. the dreaded bikini season. Luckily there is still time to shape up, which is exactly what I plan on.

I’ve treated myself with a boot camp at Power House, who specialize in individual training in group sessions. For the next four weeks I’ll be working out with a bunch of lovely ladies four times a week – which is four times more than what I’m used to at the moment!

The kick off was today and started with a lecture from Health Junkie on how to eat healthy with varied diet options. Her philosophy is simple; you can eat everything, but in moderation – which I think is a healthy attitude and one that I share. The trouble is just that the last part can be quite tricky.

My three focus areas (a part from working my butt off) will therefore be; 1. No skipping meals 2. Eat lighter  portions 3. Eat slower. Even though this might sound easy, it will be a huge challenge for me since I’ve got a habit of eating large portions (and) too fast as a result of skipping meals and snacking instead.

Apart from loosing a couple pounds and getting toned, my main reason for doing this boot camp is to get my body back in balance and hopefully Power House can help me find the motivation and tools to keep it there. Can’t wait to get started – let’s do it!