12722267_10156663632130788_419802052_o12698982_10156663632365788_2001236370_o12674903_10156663632305788_131193802_o12842519_10156663632190788_1096553350_o12596610_10156663632255788_1915592439_o-2It’s not often I go out on a Monday, but when two of the Danish fashion industries sweetest PR girl’s aka. Maria and Rikke invite you out for dinner, it’s difficult to say no.

We went to Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant on Islands Brygge (they also have one on Nørrebro) 5 min. from ELLE’s HQ. I’ve visited the restaurant once before, so I knew what a treat I was in for.

The concept is simple; lots of small dishes. We got a bunch to share – like one big Italian family. My favorite was the cauliflower white pizza with pecorino and truffles and the baked carrots with goat cheese. Molto bene!



Islands Brygge, Copenhagen S