Tapassalad_Foodbeforefashion.com Tapassalad_Foodbeforefashion.com Tapassalad_Foodbeforefashion.comThe whole idea of tapas is to share it… So what do you do when you don’t have anyone to share it with? You mix it up into a tapas salad.

This was exactly how it went down last night when I was home alone and in the mood for some tapas. Of course you can eat tapas alone, my point is just that it isn’t as cosy as when you have company.

In my mixed tapas salad there is:

  • Buffalo mozzerella – a whole piece from my local cheese shop
  • Pata negra – thin slices from my local butcher
  • Black chanterelles – heated in the oven with olive oil and salt
  • Fresh figs – cut into round slices
  • Pumpkin seeds – lightly toasted on the pan
  • Red clover leaves – picked from my herbs

Not to brag but it was really a success, in fact so successful that I think I’ll make this dish or something similar the next time I have friends over for dinner.