MorningattheAtelier_Foodbeforefashion.comWhile my Sunday mornings are mostly spent at home, I like to go out for breakfast on Saturdays.

This morning I met up with my friends Camilla and Christina at our joint favorite; Atelier September. It’s one of the most hyped cafés in Copenhagen and I understand why.

Located in an old atelier the space is really unique. The café decor is very personal, from the china to the interior, and has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it – but don’t be fooled everything has been carefully chosen.

Apart from the super cosy atmosphere the food here is definitely also worth writing about. Today I just got a soft-boiled egg with some rye bread, a coffee and some fresh grape fruit juice – simple and yet so pretty presented, which is one of the reasons I like coming here.

I’ll be back soon and promise to share with you one of their more experimental dishes, which they are also known for. Until then, have a lovely weekend!


Atelier September

Gothersgade 30, 1123 Copenhagen