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Last night I had my friend Steph over for a glass (or was it two) before we went out for dinner. Mmm… nothing beats a cold glass of chardonnay after a long week! Right?

To go with it I had made one of my signature snacks; kale chips. My favorite kind of chips – no kidding, they’re so deliciously salty and crispy… and healthy, which is always a plus.

Normally I chop the kale into smaller pieces but I felt like trying something new, so instead I roasted the entire branch of kale.

The procedure is however the same:

  • Drizzle a fair amount of olive oil and salt over the kale and roast it in the oven for about 15 min. on 200 degrees, depending on how quick your oven heats.

The result of my kale chips was like always a success but serving them on a branch was perhaps not the best idea since they were all over the place – I should have figured. Next time I’ll probably go back to making them the usual way, even though I think this is a more fun and interesting way to serve kale chips.

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