Veggies_FoodbeforefashionVeggies_Foodbeforefashion How many times have you heard ‘eat your vegetables’? Don’t worry I’m not going to lecture you on how healthy they are, I’d much rather focus on how delicious they can taste when prepared the right way.

This past weekend I visited my local food market, Torvehallerne, with my friend Josefine. It’s one of my favorite spots in Copenhagen. We hadn’t made a grocery list or planed what we were going to get, instead we improvised and just let the eyes decide.

We shopped (till we almost dropped) a basket full of veggies… that turned into these wonderful veggie dishes:

Fresh sides:

  • Salad Caprese with red and green tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella
  • Avocado ceviche with fresh thyme
  • Thin sliced candy colored beets with goat cheese

Oven baked sides:

  • Chopped king trumpet mushrooms with fresh thyme
  • Whole red carrots
  • Thin sliced eggplants
  • Kale chips
  • Purple cauliflower with goat cheese added afterwards

All with lot’s of olive oil, salt and pepper – no dish is really complete without!