FigSalad_Foodbeforefashion FigSalad_Foodbeforefashion

I know a lot of people who only eat salad because it’s a healthy choice. I honestly don’t feel that way, I genuinely love salad.

So what defines a good salad for me? One that has more filing in it than lettuce leaves.

My favourite salads are actually completely lettuce free and are instead filled with veggies, fruits, nuts, cheese etc.

Like this one, a fresh fig salad with fennel, serrano ham, goat cheese, almonds and basil. Every ingredient has a significant taste which is what makes it so delicious. Yum!


Shopping list:

Fresh figs – cut into pieces

Fennel – coarsely chopped

Goat cheese – crumbled

Serrano ham – torn into pieces

Almonds – fried on the pan

Basil – picked fresh

Olive oil – drizzled all over

Lemon – freshly sqeezed

Salt and pepper – just a pinch